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Average monthly profits over the last 12 months: 15-30%.

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Introducing TLC TRADING AI , a pioneering venture founded by a group of seasoned traders who specialize in cryptocurrency arbitrage, futures trading, spot trading, and scalping.

Each trader is fueled by a profound passion for financial markets and a commitment to achieving exceptional trading results. The company is dedicated to both safeguarding and growing the accounts it manages.
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Risk management

Central to the company's triumphant trading strategy is the meticulous application of risk management.

Assured security

Each transaction never jeopardizes more than 2-5% of the company capital, employing minimal leverage to maintain a delicate balance and mitigate potential losses.

Tactical approach

This prudent approach ensures the company's long-term financial stability and instills unwavering trust in its technology.

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Dynamic Trading

Over the past two years, TLCTrading has consistently achieved awe-inspiring monthly profits ranging from 20% to an astounding 80%.


Profit Surge

These remarkable achievements have solidified the company's position in the market and garnered significant interest from new customers throughout the world.


Exemplary Success

A standout triumph for the company has been the mastery of cryptocurrency arbitrage, capitalizing on momentary price differences across various exchanges to generate swift profits.


Triumphant Standout

This precision-based strategy has proven to be exceptionally fruitful over a relatively short timeframe and isn’t limited to just one coin.

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Our mission

Take your crypto trading to the next level with our revolutionary AI-driven platform. Enjoy an impressive track record of generating monthly profits ranging from 15% to 30% over the past 12 months.

Ensuring trading results

Protection of accounts

the client base

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The company consists of a group of 20 traders, . They are experts in crypto arbitrage, futurestrading, spot trading, and scalping.
The company's strategy is to achieve the best results by using 2-5% on each transaction, ensuring the safety of the funds that the company trades with.
Average monthly profits over the last 12 months: 15-30%.

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